Having enjoyed a short Home Assignment in the UK in July and early August, I have now returned to Kenya to commence my third year of ministry with Africa Inland Mission.  After attending a conference in Uganda to deliver security training , I returned to Nairobi continuing my role as Security Consultant for AIM.  However, things are different now with my colleague, Hiram and his family moving on to a new ministry outside of AIM.  ‘Nothing remains constant except change itself’.  I am sure I have said that before in a previous newsletter but it is very true.  Over the past three years I have been adapting to this changing and transient lifestyle. So, it’s change again and now I am working solo. Of course the internet is full of ‘wisdom’ on this matter and the pros and cons of lone working.  But am I really alone? The situation has made me reflect on what it means to live in community.   Whilst my ministry role means working alone that is not an accurate picture of my life here.  Nairobi like many African cities is bustling with people and noise: 24/7! I am fortunate that my office is based at AIM’s offices/AIM Air’s hangar on Wilson Airport with national colleagues and other missionaries. Friendships and church membership add to a greater sense of living life in community. 

St Luke’s Sunday Service led by our children and youth

Community life is encouraging, fun and above all critical for personal growth.   I have always enjoyed being around people at different stages in their lives.  It creates the opportunity to be a Barnabas (friend), pursue a Paul (learn) or train a Timothy (teach).
Community is good for lifting each other up too and I have been blessed with wonderful friends here and a good neighbourhood.  The definition of community is broad and with the internet and social media, that sense of still having a connection with my family, friends and supporters remains strong and sustaining.

And of course, I’m in community with God. This relationship teaches me how to love others and how to serve selflessly. I know this is all work in progress for me.

‘We’re better together’ has been a recent secular and timeless biblical (Romans 12:4–5) statement and I am finding it to be very true.

So, am I really alone? Of course not! 

With the team at AIM Air


As part of the roll out of the new security policy for AIM, I will spend much of the next few months travelling around East Africa.  My travels will include Uganda, Tanzania and also travels within Kenya to meet with regional leaders, country directors and their teams.  Along with general security training sessions, I will also host different workshops on risk assessments and specifically how families can be prepared for crises. 

You may recall in my last newsletter, I mentioned that I had been asked to join the ABS Board who gather twice a year for two days of meetings.  As we all know, meetings in general have a bad reputation and so it was with some dread and  a little negativity that I approached my first ABS Board meeting.  However, I found it to be a time of rich discussion, positive attitudes, kindness and support from board members and ultimately uplifting. That was unexpected and encouraging.  Our next meeting is October and I will be approaching it with better attitude!


Time in the UK was so lovely and as always a great opportunity to be with family, friends and spend time at my UK churches.  In just five weeks, I managed to fit in so much (no complaints, I love being busy!) I had the joy of my sister’s wedding, a graduation and my God daughter’s 21st party.  It is always so strange to travel from one very different life to another  (Kenya to UK).  I have heard others describe it like going through the wardrobe to Narnia and it’s true it is like travelling through a world changing portal.  Being back in the UK I was able to indulge in a few pleasures that are not possible or easy in Kenya: cycling and running. Whilst I am able to run here in Nairobi it is only on my estate and that means going round and round the same loop (we call this Roundies!).   And so, during my time in the UK I found time to run and cycle with friends and alone and to enjoy the beauty of the English countryside.  I especially enjoyed running to the sea from my Mum’s house which is so much better than going round in circles! My sister and I took part in the annual Cancer Research Race for Life.  It was an inspiring run but very wet!

Race for Life in the rain. With our loyal and soggy supporters!

I had the opportunity to preach on Acts (Chapter 8) at both St Peter’s and The Blessed Mary churches in July and I was delighted to be preaching on this reading with its links to mission and the fulfilment of The Great Commission.  Preaching at three churches in one morning was a wonderful challenge although I am not sure my delivery improved with each service! However, I did enjoy the time spent afterwards meeting supporters and friends over coffee and cake!

On the 4th July, I spoke at the St Peter’s Mothers’ Union Evening Group, giving an update on the building of St Luke’s Church school in my Nairobi neighbourhood.  The much needed project has been generously supported by this Mothers’ Union group and again I was able to bring back to Nairobi their kind donation for the ongoing school development. 

St Peter’s Mothers’ Union Evening Group

Thank you as ever for your ongoing support and prayers.  Thank you for the many ways in which you choose to pray for this ministry, keep in touch and encourage me. 

It is a team effort and together we go to “make disciples of all nations’. 


  • The family of Margaret Wambura. Margaret was our ABS HR manager who recently died leaving behind her husband Charles and very young son, Jeremy (2 months).
  • Hiram and his family as the start their new ministry
  • For the work of Mothers’ Union: St Peter’s, Bishop’s Waltham and St Luke’s, Nairobi
  • Thank you for the wonderful time I had in the UK on Home Assignment and all the kindness and hospitality.
Heading back to Kenya – this time with an inflatable cactus!

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